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Improving the physical state of new and old buildings at competitive prices

our reliable services cover different types of building alterations for a variety of new and old buildings - retail shops, houses, offices, boutique hotels, townhouses, houses of character, farmhouses & more!

Opening of arches, doors & windows OPENING OF ARCHES, DOORS & WINDOWS

Opening of arches, doors & windows

Arches have been used in buildings for many years. Built primarily to support buildings they added also a decorative element to buildings, with their arched shape covered with a wooden frame or kept bare with stone sculptures in it. Nowadays, this trend is not so in and we help you convert this old arched shape in your townhouse or other premises to modern straight line cut openings. Mixing the old with the new trends! We can also widen or create from scratch door entrances and windows in houses if they lack natural light - helping you give your house or office a fresher look!

Restoration of balconies Restoration of balconies

Restoration of balconies

While going around in villages the traditional Maltese balcony is surely that main attraction that pops out on facades. This local widespread tradition requires excellent maintenance from time to time to keep its architectural heritage alive. At Noel Mizzi Construction & Development we tackle all levels of damage - be it cause of weather elements or poor maintenance along the years, we are the builders to rely on for the treatment of any breaks and the full repair of balconies without losing its finest stone characteristics. Once we restore the balcony of your farmhouse or house of character you are sure to appreciate it for years to follow!

Beams Installation & replacement of beams

Installation & replacement of beams

Don’t let the second floor become the first floor in your house, office or other premises! Beams are what keep the framing of a building solidly in place by carrying the massive loads of the whole structure. So, if you spotted some sort of damage or sagging in the ceiling, give us a call. Our building alteration services include also the replacement of old wooden beams with the use of appropriate safety techniques for loading and installation. We also install new wooden or steel beams for shell form buildings. Together with the architect's advice we provide you with a consultation on the right I-beam necessary to support your building in terms of size, weight and thickness.

removing roof Removal of old roofs

Removal of old roofs

A roof that has been in place for many years can easily reach the point of no return due to irreparable damage. Unwanted cracks and leaks might start occurring but we can intervene before all this happens and the project exceeds to unnecessary costs. Our professional workmanship can handle the removal of old roofs, hence removing risks of roof pieces collapsing and other damage to the rest of the building. We are always ready to come on-site and analyse the situation to be able to consult you on solutions that last.

Demolition of walls Walls

Demolition of walls

Sometimes a restricted space can be enlarged with one simple move - demolishing a wall! Our workmanship can handle wall demolitions in retail shops and old houses of which sectioned rooms aren’t anymore practical and stylish in today’s modern interior home styles. It’s all about open floor plans in offices too, for better distribution of furniture - more & wider space and also less painting jobs. There is no need to move premises if you’re starting to feel it restricting, but demolishing the right wall can really give your premises a totally innovative newer look. When demolishing a wall you might also need beams’ support to spread accordingly the building’s load but we are always ready to take care of that too!

Domestic & Commercial Projects Domestic & Commercial Projects

Domestic & Commercial Projects

Our aim is to provide building alteration services to all residential and commercial clients in need of a refreshed and safer building to live or work in. New buildings and traditional Maltese built townhouses, farmhouses, houses of character or other buildings of value must be maintained well and we are the experts that do it right at reasonable prices. Consult with us now for a timely building alteration or restoration project!